Hena Azhar

NLC, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

The courses are very elaborate and informative in nature.

Fusion Law School is an online platform where we can have access to elaborate courses. On the website there are courses on Intellectual Property Rights and Foreign Direct Investment. The courses available here are very elaborate and informative in nature.

Fusion Law School offers courses that bridge gap between practical and theoretical courses. It bridges the loop-holes of conventional teaching, by allowing us to learn the day to day uses of the Laws.

It is really great to do internship at FLS .Guidance under Avinash Sir regarding internships and job is of immense help. I would recommend this to all the Law students and specially those who are willing to make a career in the prestigious law firms after completing their education.

Varun Mathur

Amity Law School, Centre II, Noida

Imparts an education which is a fusion of theory and practice.

Fusion Law School delivers specific law courses which are designed with the help of leading experts in their respective fields and taught by legal professionals with extensive experience through a medium which accessible and available to everyone and most importantly with emphasis on imparting the knowledge and developing the skills required to be a successful legal professional in a particular field of law. Thus, Fusion Law School seeks to impart an education which is a fusion of theory and practice.

The staff associated, especially Mr. Avinash Tripathi who is also the Co-founder of Fusion Law School is one of the sweetest and the most helping mentor with whom I am privileged to work. The very basic thing which makes fusion law school different and beneficial for all law aspirants is that it provides such guidelines and learning opportunities which even the top law colleges overlook or fail to provide because of a stagnant education system which does only prepare the students for the theoretical work. However as we know that in practice / in the real world it is a complete opposite scenario altogether for which fusion law school prepares you aptly. Also the courses provided by fusion law school are different and are not usually a part of other similar programs for eg. the course of FDI.

Professional courses of any kind should seek to equip the students with the knowledge and skills, actually required in the profession, which such courses claim to teach. It is a must that every student should be a part of this esteemed institution for equipping themselves in a much better way.

Aakriti Saxena

Amity Law School, Centre II, Noida

Courses are very well Designed and make your Basics Strong.

The courses offered by FLS are really useful and informative. The courses are very well designed and make your basics strong. There are assignments during the course period by which we can judge our progress. The faculty for each course is quite experienced and consists of prominent people in the field of law.

The courses have video lectures by the faculty and power point presentation in bold points as well as detailed explanation. We can access the course or the video anytime and anywhere as they are completely online. After each topic we have to complete one assignment and at the end of the course, we have to take final assessment exam, which can be taken any time after the completion of your course.

I feel that every law student should go for certificate courses not only for improving their CV but also for additional knowledge in the subject.

Aayush Jain

NLC, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

Course is not only Rich in Theory but also Provide Practical Knowledge.

Fusion Law School is the first institution that gave me a break from the traditional and outdated education system. The Courses offered at the Fusion Law School are not only rich in theory but also provide a whole lot of practical knowledge that can be used in practice.

The Course curriculum and the video lectures are prepared in such a way that they enhance the skills of the participants hence increasing their chances of getting hired after completing the course.

I would recommend this course to all the Law College students.