FLS Unlimited Package - Comprising 12 Online Courses! (Original Cost around Rs. 41,238)

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Fees : Rs 5,999/-(including all taxes)
Duration : Life Time Access
Next Batch : November 01, 2019
Effort : 1-2 Hours / Week

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November 12, 2019

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Total Enrollments : 1951 Students

About this course

Did You Know? We are the only Legal Training Institute in India, which provides Internship Guarantee to top performers and Recommendation Letters to all learners.

If you are desirous of having a career in Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate laws, Competition Law or Foreign Direct Investment, you should definitely opt for this package. In this limited period offer, you get lifetime access to 12 Industry Recognised Certifications for just Rs. 5,999. The courses that are included in this package would have normally costed you about Rs. 41,238.

Why You'll Love It

Why you will love our courses
*Recommendation Letter is provided to all successful participants but Internship Guarantee is only available to top 10 performers every quarter.

This package offers you 4 Professional and 8 Advanced level certifications which will add immense value to your CV and would dramatically increase your chances of getting your dream internship / job.

The courses are designed and taught to apprise you about the practical aspects of law which, are highly valued by Recruiters but, are typically not taught in law colleges.

The courses included in this package are:

  1. Advanced Professional Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  2. Advanced Professional Certificate Course in Foreign Investment (including FDI)

  3. Advanced Professional Certificate Course in Competition Law and IPR

  4. Advanced Certificate Course in Competition Law & Policy

  5. Copyright Enforcement and Management - Advanced Certificate Course

  6. Certified Expert in FDI and FEMA

  7. Certified Expert in Trademark Law

  8. Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution

  9. Advanced Certification in Protection and Management of Industrial Designs

  10. Advance Certification in Geographical Indication and Plant Varieties

  11. Advanced Certification in IP Litigation and Domain Name Disputes

  12. Advanced Certification in IP Valuation and Management

The major advantage of this package, apart from saving you a lot of money, is that you will be able to grab all the twelve certificates at whatever pace you like and add immense value to your CV. You will have the access to all the above mentioned courses for your lifetime, so that you will be able to apprise yourself of the amendments / change in the law and keep your skills updated.

What you will learn

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • In-depth knowledge and theoretical background about all type of Intellectual Property such as Trademarks, Copyright, Patents, GI, Designs etc.
  • Step by step procedure involved in registration, protection and enforcement of various type of Intellectual Property.
  • How to appreciate complex legal and commercial issues involved in IP infringement and advise on available remedies.
  • Formulate and implement IP Protection Strategies.
  • Key concepts behind IP Valuation.
  • Understanding IP monetisation and branding strategies including licensing.
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution and procedure involved therein.

Foreign Investment:

  • In-depth knowledge about the regulatory framework governing the Foreign Investment in India.
  • Details about various types of Foreign Investment.
  • Who can invest in India and what are their entry options?
  • How can an Indian entity raise capital from entities outside India?
  • The detailed procedure involved in FDI.
  • What is a Foreign Portfolio Investment?
  • How can an Indian entity borrow funds from entities outside India?

Competition Law:

  • How to file information / initiate proceedings before Competition Commission of India.
  • Functional understanding of Anti-Competitive Agreements (cartels, bid rigging, vertical agreements, exclusive distribution and supply arrangements, resale and discriminatory pricing etc.).
  • What is Abuse of Dominant Position and its practical implications with mastery in basic concepts like relevant market, assessment of dominance and examination of abuse of dominance practices: excessive pricing, unfair terms and conditions, refusal to deal, predatory pricing etc.
  • Role of Competition regime in Mergers and Acquisitions (Notice filing, threshold and other requirements & practical tips in filing and getting approval).
  • Interaction of Competition Law with other fields of law such as IPR.

Meet the Faculty

Recommended Background

This Course is most beneficial for law students / legal professionals who are looking for employment opportunities in the field of corporate law or IPR. However, it is highly recommended for Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Engineers, Scientists, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs interested in learning about the IPR, FDI and Competition law.

Special Features

Special features of FLS Unlimited Package


For the detailed syllabus please visit the respective course pages.

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What Our Students are Saying About Us

Navneet Shukla

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Great course structure and experienced Faculty.

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Hena Azhar

NLC, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune

The courses are very elaborate and informative.

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Varun Mathur

Amity Law School, Centre II, Noida

Imparts an education which is a fusion of theory and practice.

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Aayush Jain

NLC, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune

Not only rich in theory but also provide practical knowledge.

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